Something a bit different for me today – I’ve been trying to use this tool for a while now and have finally found a good use for it!

Prezi is an alternative presentation tool. You could use Prezi to accompany a verbal presentation or just use it to create a web presentation. We thought we’d make a festive themed presentation to show the tool off, and brainstormed between us what we could do. Damyanti has used Prezi before but I’ve not had much luck with it so thought I’d set myself the task of making this Prezi. It’s much easier to create the Prezi after you have planned it out on paper beforehand, which could be where I was going wrong before. I was impressed by how quickly I got used to the software, particularly the wheel for adjusting size and position. I also like the way it helps you align different elements and ensure they are the same size.

So here it is, our festive Prezi – Getting into the Christmas spirit (use the arrows at the bottom to navigate through the presentation and click within the presentation if you want to zoom in, move around, or click on any of the hyperlinks).

Why don’t you try making a festive Prezi? Please share the link in the comments if you do.


Welcome to Festive 24 Things, originally an advent calendar based on the same idea as the 23 Things programme.

Join Damyanti, Jo and Trudi in their festive quiz through useful (and hopefully fun!) online resources. Each day there will be a cryptic clue to the title of a Christmas carol (or song) and a tool which will also give you clues. At the end of the 24 days, we’ll ask you to submit your responses for each day and we’ll draw a winner

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