We hope you’ve enjoyed our festive quiz & if you’ve worked out the titles of the 24 carols and songs its time to submit your answers!

Please submit your entry by midnight on 31st December 2011. A winner will be picked from the correct entries (in the event of a tie we will hold a draw) and we will announce the winner and the correct answers in the new year. Add your entry using the online form.

If you need to revisit any of the clues, here is an overview of all the posts:

Day 1 - Frozen precipitation commence

Day 2 – Array the Corridor

Day 3 – Righteous Darkness

Day 4 – Sound of Tinkerbell’s end from the big apple

Day 5 – Bleached yule

Day 6 – Monarchial triad

Day 7 – Obese personification fabricated of compressed mounds of minute crystals

Day 8 – The quadroped with the vermillion probiscus

Day 9 – Singular yearning for twin anterior incisors

Day 10 – Bantam male percussionist

Day 11 – I heard ugly sisters: Nancy, Moira and Princess Charlotte

Day 12 – The dozen festive 24 hour intervals

Day 13 – Bidding everyone festive joy

Day 14 – Castaneous coloured seed vesticated in a conflagration

Day 15 – Parent was observed oscillating a red coated unshaven teamster

Day 16 – Musical slogan advertises whisky

Day 17 – New born Nick

Day 18 – 1066 and all that describes monarch in unorthodox Czech landmark

Day 19 – Arrival time; 2400 hours-weather cloudless

Day 20 – Proceed and enlighten on the pinnacle

Day 21 – Swingin’ around and around the richest master

Day 22 – Give Attention to the Melodious Celestial Beings

Day 23 – Willoughby dines out

Day 24 – Red man en route to borough

Thanks for joining us & wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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