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To help with this clue we’ve created a Google Search Story:

Unfortunately, the service was very flaky but persistence paid off in the end! This from the Google Search Stories account may explain why there are some problems:

We’re in the process of finding a new (and permanent) home for the Search Stories video creator. For the time being you can access it at

Yesterday we had a look at some Christmas videos on YouTube and shared a playlist, but as part of Festive 24 Things we also wanted to create our own video. Since Google now own YouTube, there are a few nifty features they have introduced and one of my favourites is Google Search Stories, a tool for creating videos of Google searches. It’s really easy to use and takes you through the process of setting up your searches, choosing what to search (regular search, image search, map search, product search etc.) and adding a soundtrack. Below is our story about planning a trip to Lapland to visit Santa.

Why not have a go of creating your own search story? Please share the link in the comments if you do. 🙂


Welcome to Festive 24 Things, originally an advent calendar based on the same idea as the 23 Things programme.

Join Damyanti, Jo and Trudi in their festive quiz through useful (and hopefully fun!) online resources. Each day there will be a cryptic clue to the title of a Christmas carol (or song) and a tool which will also give you clues. At the end of the 24 days, we’ll ask you to submit your responses for each day and we’ll draw a winner

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