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We have used LibraryThing to put together a list of books to help with today’s clue:

Here is the link to last year’s post on Library Thing

As well as sharing photos online via Flickr, websites via Delicious, my ideas on my blog I also use LibraryThing to share what books I own, am reading & would like to read.

LibraryThing allows you to catalogue your books online & as your collection grows it can help connect you with other readers who share your taste. You can also connect with your friends & see where your collections overlap.

My main reason for using LibraryThing was because I wanted to keep a note of what I was reading with a brief review. In keeping with the festive season I have put together my own festive wish list of books I want to read this month.

Festive wishlist on LibraryThing

Festive wishlist on LibraryThing


Welcome to Festive 24 Things, originally an advent calendar based on the same idea as the 23 Things programme.

Join Damyanti, Jo and Trudi in their festive quiz through useful (and hopefully fun!) online resources. Each day there will be a cryptic clue to the title of a Christmas carol (or song) and a tool which will also give you clues. At the end of the 24 days, we’ll ask you to submit your responses for each day and we’ll draw a winner

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