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I generally listen to podcasts for entertainment during long car journeys. A podcast is simply an audio file which you can listen to online on your PC, download to your smartphone, MP3 player etc.

Podcasts can last for a few minutes or hours and can be interviews, music, lectures etc with the convenience of listening to them on the move or at a time that suits you. Often you can subscribe to a series of podcasts, for example I am a fan of Friday night comedy on radio 4 but am not often near a radio at that time so I subscribe to the podcasts which means they are regularly downloaded to my itunes account and available to me.

Whatever your interest you are bound to find a podcast on that topic just do a online search, or you can look in the following directories, itunes or podcastdirectory.

Some of the festive podcasts I will be listening to this December are, but do let us know if you have any favourites


Welcome to Festive 24 Things, originally an advent calendar based on the same idea as the 23 Things programme.

Join Damyanti, Jo and Trudi in their festive quiz through useful (and hopefully fun!) online resources. Each day there will be a cryptic clue to the title of a Christmas carol (or song) and a tool which will also give you clues. At the end of the 24 days, we’ll ask you to submit your responses for each day and we’ll draw a winner

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